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I see you at the networking events, luncheons, workshops and conferences paying close attention, writing down notes and taking photos of the presentations. You’re not a complete newbie. You have just enough knowledge to get by.

You’ve even dabbled a bit. You know how to use LinkedIn. You’ve boosted a few posts on Facebook and you’ve even set up a Pinterest account (though you haven’t started using it yet).

You just don’t how all the pieces work together and you are at a complete loss on how to capitalize on your time and effort. So you say social media doesn’t work and you put internet marketing on your calendar for “someday.”

You’re living right on the edge of cyberspace and reality and right now, reality — wins. Reality is the tangible pieces working in your business every day and the online world … well, it can wait.

… you know online marketing is now and if you are aren’t already marketing online, you’re late. If you are not already marketing online (and I don’t mean posting sporadically on Facebook), you are behind your competitor, missing out on money and worst, you are really living in reality because online marketing is now.

When you have just enough knowledge to get by, you make decisions that cost money and time– the two commodities you can’t afford to waste. And the status quo never changes.

You’ll attend the next workshop and learn things you’ve already heard before and you’ll walk away still not knowing how to implement. You need to understand the whole internet, not just the parts that look good on conference flyers. 

At this point, you need a wonder woman, a digital wonder woman and that’s where I came in. I’ll take you from traditional to digital and give you a plan to sustain your business before the credits start to roll on your next luncheon.

Online marketing includes social media, social advertising, SEO, email marketing (NO, it’s not your newsletter) and sales funnels. I’ll show you which of these tools will provide the greatest return. It’s time to save your sanity and possibly your business. That’s a what a digital wonder woman does.

‘Cause when you don’t know how to use the internet it shows.

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Reesy is a powerhouse. She is extremely giving and a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the market trends and ability to understand the needs of her clients are a powerful combination that have become the key to her success.

Sarah Stoenner

CEO, Sarah Stoenner Media

Reesy is very creative and has a lot of spunk. Her attention to detail and drive for perfection always ensured we got the job done on time and to the best of our abilities. She would be an asset to any company!

Jimmy Biascan

Graphic Designer

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