Digital Marketing Consultation & Strategy

Just like no pair of jeans is one-size-fits-all (greatest lie ever told), neither is a business proposal. I provide custom proposals thus all clients go through a 2-hour business intensive where we discuss your business goals and marketing objectives. This option includes a written strategy report with advice and timelines for implementation. This happens BEFORE a formal proposal.

Through the business intensive, I outline a plan to help you understand the ins and out of digital marketing and how you can get set up online efficiently. Whether you want to learn overall digital marketing with tools and systems, sales funnels, or social media and attraction marketing, a business intensive helps validate ideas and provide a course of action. Every company is different. Remember the jeans? No worries. Together, we’ll find a pair a digital marketing plan that fits.

Prerequisite: Have an existing brick and mortar or nonprofit with a willingness to explore online strategy and implementation.

All intensive begin with a complimentary 30-minute consultation call. Review services and schedule your call here.

Funnel Design and Strategy

You see it don’t you?
Your competitors are making the most of digital marketing.
Wonder how you can get in on the action?

The online space has an underground playbook known as a funnel. I’ll work with you to design and map out a funnel.

This includes:

  • Mapping out your offers
  • Designing lead magnet
  • Designing funnels
  • Writing email sequences
  • Creating blog upgrades
  • Creating branded graphics
  • Setting up Facebook/Instagram advertising

Prerequisite: An existing business with content assets

Training and Speaking

Need to get up to speed on one aspect of marketing? Maybe you need to train a staff or board members, I offer small group training, corporate training and workshops, including new employee orientation, conference, panels and seminars. 


  • Digital marketing overview
  • Social Media Overview
  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
  • Digital marketing and social media in the workplace
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Sales Funnels

I also offer conference workshops and keynote addresses. Email me here for more information.

Prerequisite: A desire to learn.

Facebook Advertising

How many times a day do you hear the word “Facebook?”
How many times a day do you check your Facebook account?
You only have to look as far as your own Facebook behavior to get the value of this platform. Why? Because there are people all over the world who experience the same behaviors as you– over two billion in fact.

And guess what, all of those two billion users are present and accounted for in Facebook’s platform. Every demographic, geographic area, mainstream or niche market resides in those blue and white pixels. For marketers, it’s a treasure chest, a pot of gold, or my favorite … an isle of paradise — a virtual thumbs up with huge earnings potential.

Do you know how to use Facebook beyond a share or simple thumbs up?

That’s where I can help. From boosted posts to the power editor and everything hidden in between, I’ll help you find the audience ready to buy what you have to offer.

You didn’t get into business just for people to “like” you. I can show you the money even if you have tried and failed before.

Services include done-for-you Facebook ads management, Facebook ads set up and pixel placement and Facebook training videos.  

Prerequisite: An existing business with allocated funds for advertising.

Social Media Management

Social media is the vehicle that moves traffic to your desired location. Nowhere is your message more important than on social media. Your social media profiles are the visual memoirs of your business. Your social media feed should aim to entertain, engage, educate and entice. Not sure what to post and when? Don’t know what platforms are best for your business? Unclear of how much time you will need to make a difference? I do.

I’ll have you #rockingsocial in no time.

Services include social media management, social media training, audits, strategy, content curation and analytics, social media graphics

Prerequisite: An existing business

THE LEAGUE: Discover the five stages of business WONDERland and learn how to use a Wonder Woman mindset to market yourself (even if you are not a Wonder Woman fan).

THE LEAGUE is for anyone ready to network with super friends and take over their corner of the world (‘Cause you can’t take over the world until you master taking over your backyard).

THE LEAGUE makes marketing relatable and accessible and you won’t have to pay mortgage level money to be apart of it. Because the real injustice is when the help you need is just out of reach.

THE LEAGUE unites soon. Get on the list!

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The Wonder List: 215 Ways to Use the Internet to Market Yourself

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