What if you actually knew what you were doing when it came to marketing?

What if your marketing attracted the right audience?

What if you didn’t feel incompetent with marketing?

What if you had a marketing success system you could use yourself or use to train an assistant?

What if you could detour around distractions and side step shiny objects?

And what if marketing was fun and relatable?

 Would you get more done?

Would you feel WONDERful and powerful? 

Would you focus more on changing your corner of the world? 

Would you sell more? 

Would profits soar?

It’s the difference between business success and canceling a domain name and disappearing from your social profiles (essentially, hanging out a liquidation sign).

It’s not that you are incapable, awkward, uncool or stupid even– far from it. You are just living in modern times with modern advances moving faster than the speed of your know how.

You are focused on the mission you came to share with the world — you just don’t know how to make the world listen.

 What if I told you there was a better way — a way to marketing WONDERland that builds on your core principles first?
 What if you didn’t have to keep up with the latest marketing trends?
 What if you knew what marketing principles to focus on and when?
 What if your marketing didn’t have to look like a mosaic of non-conformist pieces from YouTube University, a $97 course,  a couple of live streams and that one guaranteed strategy?
 What if I told you, you need a hero? And it’s not me or the hottest face on the net.
 What if I told you the hero in this great adventure is you (Cue anthem).

All you have to do is …


 20 – minute welcome call with a Super Friend (To assess your starting point, ease your fears and put together a plan).

 Exclusive LEAGUE WONDER Plan framework and Marketing Success Roadmap (You are a WONDER. Let’s market that). 

 New “Power Boost” training each month (Get the skills you need to advance to the next level).

 Live monthly “LEAGUE Sessions” (Get questions answered to set and maintain goals). 

Step-by-Step “The Wonder List” instructions (Hand holding at its finest).

High Five quick win training (‘Cause progress is necessary for maintaining

Masterclasses with a Team of Experts (Superfriends on deck). 

Quarterly “Power Moves” (Group collaborations using collective superpowers to give back to the community). 

Private LEAGUE network … and no, it’s not Facebook. 


$50 per month

 No hidden fees. Recurring payment. Cancel anytime.
Instant access to THE LEAGUE training & private network.


$500 per year

 No hidden fees. Recurring payment. Cancel anytime.
Instant access to THE LEAGUE training & private network.
Two months free.

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The Wonder List: 215 Ways to Use the Internet to Market Yourself

The Wonder List covers simple techniques to getting noticed online. The List includes 15 free social media automation tools to help you save time. 

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